10 Backyard Ideas for Your Home

Your backyard can serve many purposes – a gardening hub, a space for entertaining family and friends, or even just the perfect place to relax on a beautiful day.

No matter how you utilize your backyard space, a little time outdoors will do you good. Try these 10 backyard improvements to turn your backyard into your own personal oasis.

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1. Potted Plants

While all backyards need shrubs and trees, consider adding potted plants to your backyard designs for more dimension in your garden. Container favorites include begonias, asters and azaleas. Fill containers with an organic potting mix, such as The Espoma Company's, to ensure proper drainage and best results.

2. Kids Corner

Get kids outside by making the backyard fun for them, too. Add an outdoor DIY chalkboard where kids can express their creativity. Games and toys like hopscotch or jump rope are perfect for warm nights outside. You can even encourage them to eat healthy by growing a vegetable garden.

3. Edible Gardens

Yards can be purposeful, too. Growing your own fruits and veggies ensures the best quality, convenience and taste. Grow plants in raised bed gardens or containers, if you’re short on space. Some plants offer year-round foliage, tasty fruit and space saving, and some plants are good for your garden. Choose dwarf varieties such as those from Bushel & Berry for growing in containers.

4. Upcycled Materials

Instead of throwing away old household items, give them new life in the garden. Almost anything can be turned into a container garden, from toolboxes to wheelbarrows. Fill empty wine or beer bottles with LED lights for unique lanterns.

5. DIY Lanterns

DIY lanterns make for a great crafting project and add a unique touch of light to your backyard. Add candles or LED lights to mason jars or painted tin cans.

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6. Fire Pits

Nothing says summer like a backyard bonfire. Purchase a fire pit at your local garden center or create your own fire pit using stone or brick surrounded with gravel or small stones. Grab some comfy furniture, family and friends and get ready for s’more season.

7. String lights

Enchanting string lights turn your backyard into an outdoor oasis. Hang them between posts, dangle from walls or ceilings or even wrap them around planters or trees.

8. Furniture

Durable yet comfy outdoor couches and chairs make your backyard the perfect space for entertaining. Hang a hammock between two shady spots for a place to catch up on some reading.

9. Walkways and Paths

Use gravel, stepping stones, or wooden pallets to create a walkway through your garden. Line the path with low-growing shrubs or groundcovers like verbena, hostas or sedges.

10. Add a Water Feature

Add water features to your backyard to create a zen garden effect. Tiered fountains look great in any backyard and add the soothing sound of running water. Create a small pond to create visual contrast with your plants. Birdbaths can also serve as a focal point and provide shelter for our friends in the sky.

Any of these backyard ideas will be sure to turn your outdoor space into a fun, relaxing and beautiful space.

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