10 Kitchen Updates Under $500

An outdated kitchen can be a sore thumb in an otherwise beautiful home. Not only is it aesthetically unpleasing, but it can also make cooking a real chore. Unfortunately, large-scale kitchen remodeling projects are also some of the most expensive.

However, there are some ways that homeowners can update their kitchens by spending less than $500.

These updates can lead to a more aesthetically pleasing kitchen that is also more pleasant for cooking and gatherings:

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1. Replace a Single Appliance

Updating every appliance in a homeowner's kitchen can be expensive. For under $500, however, homeowners can update a single appliance. Although refrigerators will likely run well over $1,000, dishwashers, trash compactors and some ovens are more affordable choices. Also when choosing which appliance to update, homeowners can consider its looks, cost and energy usage.

2. Remodel Kitchen Cabinets and Shelves

Obtaining a completely new set of cabinets can be very expensive, but homeowners can hire a contractor to update, not replace, shelves inexpensively. Some common updates include adding slide-out shelves, lazy susans, drawers and new hardware. Painting the outside of the cabinets is also an aesthetically pleasing idea.

3. Paint Kitchen Walls

Kitchen walls take a lot of beatings, from the oily splatters to the dirty hand prints of kids who frequent this room the most. A simple new coat of paint, either the same color or a new dramatic hue, is a quick and cheap remodel that homeowners can do themselves or with the help of a contractor.

4. Add Kitchen Rugs

Many older kitchens could use new flooring. However, this repair almost certainly costs more than $500. While it won't cure problems like water damage, chipping or mold (and these are all issues that should be taken care of immediately), new rugs can give the kitchen a quick update. They can also take attention away from the flooring until the homeowner can afford to repair the floor.

5. Install a New Countertop

Some home builders will charge much more than $500 for a new counter installation. However, because the installation can take place in a single day, homeowners may be able to find a contractor who will charge a reasonable rate for this upgrade. But, to keep this upgrade under $500, homeowners must choose inexpensive materials.

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6. Update the Kitchen Faucet

A new kitchen faucet is easy to install, but homeowners who chose a contractor to complete this update can still expect to pay little. A new kitchen faucet is a small addition, but it can change the look of a kitchen, making it appear more modern or refined. However, homeowners should be aware that new faucets may call for a unified look.

7. Utilize the Ceiling

In most kitchens, the ceiling is nothing special. However, one easy and inexpensive kitchen update is to use that space in an aesthetic way. For example, a hanging pot rack can add a stylistic touch to the kitchen while maximizing space for pots and pans. Hanging plants can also give the kitchen a friendlier feel, though homeowners should check to ensure the ceiling is not too high or low for decor.

8. Add a Garbage Disposal or Trash Compactor

These appliances are relatively inexpensive and can be installed by most home builders. However, they can go a long way in making a kitchen more modern and practical.

9. Install New Kitchen Lighting

Lights that are too bright can give the kitchen a glaring, unfriendly look. Light that is too soft can make it hard to work. However, homeowners may want to consider installing several types of lights, including a light over the sink for dish washing, a light over the stove for cooking, and perhaps a chandelier or wall sconce for a brighter, but still soft, main light source.

10. Purchase a Hutch, Wine Rack or Other Piece of Kitchen Furniture

Usually well under $500, kitchen furniture can add space, while working to establish a unified style. Homeowners should take careful measurements before purchasing furniture, and search a type that coordinates with the other accents and decor in the room.

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