5 Popular Interior Paint Colors

After more than 25 years in the residential painting business, you start to notice some trends. Some things burst onto the scene and quickly fade away — carpeted walls, anyone? — while other trends have more staying power as more people catch on to them. These trends go for not only architectural features, but interior color palettes as well.

Homeowners often ask us what we think about certain things such as what would make a good accent wall, what types of paint would be best in certain environments and — most frequently — we get asked about what paint colors are the most popular. So we started taking notice and keeping a list of the colors we use most often when painting homes.

Here are the five interior paint colors on the Benjamin Moore paint color palette that we use most frequently:

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White Dove (Courtesy of Benjamin Moore & Co.)

1. White Dove

A room doesn’t have to be drenched in bright colors for it to look posh, trendy and chic. White Dove offers a clean look without being too sterile. If you have other pieces in your room with more color, it makes a perfect neutral backdrop. White Dove also looks great in entry rooms, hallways, mud rooms and living rooms.

Roxbury Caramel (Courtesy of Benjamin Moore & Co.)

2. Roxbury Caramel

Who doesn’t want to be surrounded by a room full of caramel? This rich color is one way to do a neutral color in a way that doesn’t seem boring. Pair it with a crisp white trim or some natural accents (such as a stone fireplace) and your space is set. This is a paint color that would work well in a living room, dining room or kitchen.

Wythe Blue (Courtesy of Benjamin Moore & Co.)

3. Wythe Blue

If you are looking for a classic color that has a hint of opulence and a lot versatility, look no further. Used with white trim, Wythe Blue gives the feel of linens hanging on a clothesline to dry. Paired with a dark brown or black paint color, Wythe Blue looks very contemporary. This paint color is a soothing choice for a foyer, bedroom, bathroom or office.

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Monroe Bisque (Courtesy of Benjamin Moore & Co.)

4. Monroe Bisque

Perfect for all-over color, Monroe Bisque is a lighter neutral color that won’t overwhelm a room. We see a lot of this paint color from homeowners preparing their home for sale, but it’s also a perfect color for a guest bedroom, foyer or basement.

Shelburne Buff (Courtesy of Benjamin Moore & Co.)

5. Shelburne Buff

A warm and inviting color, Shelburne Buff is a great choice for any living space you want to transform into a cozy retreat. We have seen this color used in every space from living room to dining room. This color looks especially warm in bathrooms and dens and rec rooms.

Although it is strictly by coincidence that all of these colors are from paint manufacturer Benjamin Moore, it shows their endurance and how well they know their customers and the trends. We also suggest many Sherwin-Williams paint colors, so if you don’t find the perfect color at Benjamin Moore make sure you check out their wide selection of other quality paints as well.

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