5 Projects to Boost Curb Appeal

Maybe the outside of your home looks a little blah to you lately, but you’re not ready for a major upgrade. Fortunately, plenty of options exist for giving your place a little facelift without a lot of effort. Try these five projects, which can be easily implemented over an afternoon or weekend.

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Plant Colorful Flower Beds

Nothing adds to exterior curb appeal like the pop of color that flowers bring. Even planting a small flat of blossoms in your favorite hue along a front walkway will make your entry instantly more attractive. You also can create a showcase for blooms by placing decorative pots beside the front door, installing planters under a porch overhang or adding a wooden window box.

Install Modern House Numbers

You turn in the driveway of your house and probably don’t even notice your house numbers anymore. But if a decade (or more!) has passed since the last time you changed the address indicators on your exterior, consider an upgrade.

You can find myriad options at the hardware store, or look online for an even broader selection of colors, fonts and shapes to find one to suit your home style and personality.

Add Character with Front Door Decor

Changing the color of your front door can make a subtle or drastic difference in the look of your home depending on how bold you go. If the paint is peeling, you should definitely devote a weekend to this project.

Once you have a new look, consider hanging a decorative wreath that goes with the season.

Tidy Up Mulch Beds

Mulch comes in so many shades and varieties, it’s a great way to change the your yard’s appearance or just give it a cleaner look. Bonus: Mulch will also help retain moisture and suffocate weeds!

Shop for mulch yourself or have it delivered, then spread it around walkways and trees, and in flowerbeds and gardens.

Feed the Birds

Attract the avian species to your yard by installing a feeder. Purchase a pre-made bird feeders or build a custom DIY version. Not only does the feeder act as a new accessory for your exterior, so do the colors and sounds of the birds who start flocking to your place! Talk to your local nursery pro about adding plants that birds prefer as well.

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