7 People You Need When Remodeling a Home

When you plan a home remodel, you know which contractors you’ll need for what you have in mind. But sometimes, the most important work comes from pros you didn’t even think of. These seven contractors provide valuable services for any renovation.

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General Contractor

Some homeowners look to save money on remodels by acting as their own general contractor. They plan the work and hire separate contractors themselves. You can do this yourself if you have the ambition. But, you’re passing up valuable know-how.

For instance, a good general contractor possesses a knowledge of when they need subcontractors — and when they don’t. In many cases, changing a light fixture doesn’t require an electrician. But, running a new line does. This expertise will serve you well. Talented general contractors also have experience with materials.

Architect or Structural Engineer

You don’t want to make alterations to a load-bearing wall that could weaken your home’s structure! When you make changes to walls, consult a pro for help. Different areas enforce their own rules as to whether you need an architect or structural engineer for this task. Even an experienced general contractor may lack the know-how to tell if work will affect your home’s ability to bear stress. But an architect or engineer can examine your plans. They will give you important advice about your home’s needs.

Plumber or Electrician

Talk to both these pros when doing a big job. This applies even if your remodel doesn’t include specific plumbing or electrical work. They can steer you through trouble spots you don’t even know about. Plumbing and electrical lines provide the heartbeat of your home. You don’t want to mess them up.

Interior Designer

Designers do more than work on the look of a space. Many designers hold expertise in ergonomics, acoustics, and how people interact with spaces.

A designer’s eye can help you make the best use of your new space. Their knowledge of building codes and safety will also serve your project well.

Insulation Professional

Even interior walls can benefit from adding insulation. When you do extensive work, you may lose insulation in some walls. So, if you change, tear out or add walls during your project, you’ll want an insulator to take a look.

Inadequate insulation contributes to energy loss. An insulation pro makes sure your remodel gets off to an energy efficient start.

Home Inspector

You might associate this kind of work with selling your home. But a home inspector gives valuable insight into your project before it wraps up. They offer outside verification that work was done correctly. An inspector might also identify problems contractors didn’t notice. This includes fire separation and safety issues.

They make sure permits were pulled correctly. You’d rather hear this from your own inspector than from the building department later!

Your Insurance Agent

Most people don’t even think of this one. But your insurance policy is based on the condition of your home at the time your policy is enacted. Any changes could trigger a change in coverage.

Furthermore, your policy might impose requirements when remodeling. These can include hiring licensed trades or having an agent inspect the home. Consult your agent before and after work is complete. This ensures you’ll keep your coverage in shape.

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