8 Projects You Can Do in a Weekend

Any home improvement, big or small, can be well worth the time and effort. The payoff may improve your chances of a resell, or it may simply make your daily life better. Unsure of where to start? We've nailed down a list of eight DIY ideas that each can be conquered in a weekend.

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1. Stain the Fence

The problem: Your faded fence has become an eyesore.

The solution: Staining a fence may require a three-day weekend, because you’ll need to pressure-wash the fence first and allow time for it to dry. However, washing and staining will not only beautify your yard and boost curb appeal, but it will also protect your investment in the fence for years.

2. Refresh the Kitchen

The problem: Your kitchen looks a little dated, but you don’t have tens of thousands to shell out for remodeling.

The solution: Kitchens draw a staggering return on investment — up to 85 percent by some estimates — so even small changes can prove beneficial. If you’re comfortable with small plumbing tasks, consider replacing an old kitchen faucet with a beautiful fixture. Changing out drawer or cabinet hardware can give new life to cabinetry. And peel-and-stick backsplashes can dramatically transform the look of your kitchen for a fraction of the cost.

3. Organize the Garage

Has your garage turned into an overgrown junk drawer? A weekend is all you need to get your car back inside. (Photo by Frank Espich)

The problem: You can no longer park a car in your jam-packed garage.

The solution: It’s easy to get overwhelmed, but the key is to start somewhere and make progress toward removing the clutter. The good news: We have in-depth organization articles to help you clear the way.

4. Replace Wallpaper

The problem: Your wallpaper looked totally rad — in the 1980s.

The solution: Yes, your outdated pattern needs to go, but don’t be too quick to ditch wallpaper for paint. Wallpaper’s versatility and wide range of styles have made it a popular option again. However, wallpaper removal can be tedious and tricky, so it’s important to do it correctly before you begin installing new wallpaper. This DIY project may require more than 48 hours, so save it for a long weekend.

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5. Retile a Bathroom

Installing tile is a challenging DIY job, but it can be done in a weekend. (Photo courtesy of Getty Images)

The problem: You no longer want to step on the aging linoleum. Scratches and nicks have made your floor a bore.

The solution: Go with tile, an investment that delivers beauty and durability. This project is not for a newbie, but a DIY veteran who has completed a few weekend projects could tackle this worthwhile task.

6. Highlight the Entryway

The problem: The first thing guests or prospective homebuyers see when they enter your home is... blah.

The solution: Dress your home's entrance to impress. A new coat of paint may do the trick — go light with the color if the entry is small. Maybe your foyer or mudroom, a prime dumping ground for shoes and other accessories, could use better entryway organization.

7. Help Your Hallway

An updated hallway can change how you feel when walking through your home. (Photo courtesy of Getty Images)

The problem: This major thoroughfare tends to get overlooked.

The solution: Investing a little effort into your hallway can create a positive flow throughout your home. Here are two simple hallway ideas: Use paint to create a dramatic contrast between the doors and the walls, or gather those family photos collecting dust in the attic to create a gallery. Or do both.

8. Renew a Piece of Furniture

The problem: That chair has seen better days. You’re thinking about throwing it out.

The solution: Wait! Before you buy a new piece, consider simple updates. It’s amazing what refreshing your furniture can do. Consider adding a new coat of paint to the end table, nightstand or another piece. Also, a slipcover can transform an aging but comfy chair to make it look like new.

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