Kitchen and Bathroom Remodels: Budgeting Basics

The cost of any kitchen or bathroom remodel will depend on the size of the project and the materials you use. But knowing how much others paid—and having a few rules of thumb to follow – can go a long way in helping you create a workable budget for your project!

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How much can you expect to pay?

On average, homeowners report paying the following prices for kitchen- and bath-related projects nationwide, according to the Angie’s List Pricing Guide:

How much should you budget?

For your kitchen remodel: No less than 5% of your home's value and no more than 15%
For kitchen cabinets: 29% of your total budget
For extras: 15-30% over your total budget.

How much can you expect in return?

According to the Remodeling 2019 Cost vs. Value report (, mid-range to high-end kitchen and bath remodels tend to retain around 60 percent of their value at resale.

Budgeter beware.

Higher-end bathroom and kitchen remodels can easily cost $50,000 to $100,000 or more.

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