Costs: Window Cleaning

You have windows so that you can look outside. When you can no longer tell the windows from the walls, it’s time to think about window cleaning.

Let’s face it: No one likes to wash windows. And if your house is two stories or taller, making your glass gleam again can be dangerous. That’s why it may be a good idea to hire a professional window cleaner.

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How to Clean Windows

Paying by the Pane

Window cleaning generally is priced by the number of panes of glass. An ordinary double-hung window consists of two panes.

The typical window washing cost runs from $2 to $7 per pane, according to CostHelper. Alternatively, some companies charge an hourly rate. Angie's List members report paying an average of $266 for a full house window cleaning, which may include screens and doors.

For best results, it’s generally a good idea to have your windows cleaned twice every year. However, a number of factors, including whether many windows face the ocean, or your house is exposed to frequent storms, can affect how often your windows will need cleaning.

Figuring the Cost of Window Washing

Although window cleaning may seem like a relatively straightforward job, there are variables that can affect the final cost:

  • How dirty is the glass? Dirtier windows generally require more tools and equipment, not to mention time.
  • Number of windows — The more that need washing, the more you can expect to pay.
  • Ease of access — Ladders, special tools and extra time may be required to clean some hard-to-reach windows.
  • Inside, outside or both? Selecting interior-only or exterior-only service may save you a little money today, but like most services, when you opt for a la carte pricing you pay more per service. If you think you'll eventually want both, it's best to get them done at the same time.

There can be extra charges for:

  • Screen cleaning, at 50 cents to $5 each, and sliding glass doors, which run $2.50 to $8 per door, according to CostHelper.
  • Cleaning windowsills and tracks; the cost can range from 50 cents to $5.
  • Paint or stain removal, which can cost $3.50 to $6 for a window of average size. Mineral deposit removal can cost up to $20 extra per pane if it's not included in the company's price.
  • Going up: The cost of window work on the first and second floors of a home is generally the same, but additional floors can cost up to $3 to $5 more for every window.

Getting recommendations from neighbors and friends, and checking ratings of window cleaning companies in your area on Angie’s List are good ways to select a professional window cleaning company. It’s best to get estimates from two to three companies.

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